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Cat nap *Dominate!Country!Reader x Italy*
(Sorry if the title sounds weird or dirty, I couldn't think of a better word to use...)
Read the full description first! Seriously, you'll need it. ♥
The soft rays of the sun shined through the house’s windows down onto the sleeping figure of a person. (Full/Name) was the name of the women, the personification of (C/N). A strong headed women with both a motherly and childish side. It just so happens she had gone over to her friend Italy's house, and had fallen asleep while on the couch. Along with her cat (Cat/N) and her friends, Itabby.
Earlier that day, Italy and (C/N) had been talking at the world meeting. Because of both of their love for adorable creatures, they got on the topic of pets, in more depth, cats. After talking more, both country's found out the other also had a cat, thus Italy proposed that (C/N)
:iconiiimimiciii:IIIMimicIII 67 18
Mature content
Forbidden (Reader X 2P!Germany) Ch:5 :iconaewsomsause:aewsomsause 195 65
Fading Stars | Gravity Falls x Reader | Chapter 1
Chapter 1 - oh gee, a dead rat, how lovely
   “Here we are, _____, your new home.”
   The hum of the car’s engine slowly died down to give way to the night’s noises. In the distance, an owl cooed perpetually on its perched branch. Your dad’s voice did nothing to soothe your train-wreck of nervousness, it did nothing at all. Seeing how sweaty your palms could get whenever you saw a town’s citizen, you knew that this town was anything but normal.
   The car’s headlights loomed in on your new home and the building’s appearance ticked off your gut once more. A feeling of dread reappears to hang over your being, you silently begin to wonder if it wasn’t too late to start the car and get the heck out of Gravity Falls like there was no tomorrow; and there probably wouldn’t be one if your family had continued their idea to live here. The thought of that made your fear lurch back into action with a
:iconlandwweller:Landwweller 11 1
[SatIM] Is a cat or a demon? by Selitheparrot [SatIM] Is a cat or a demon? :iconselitheparrot:Selitheparrot 8 77
Gravity Falls x Girl!Reader
Gravity falls x reader
PART 1: Arriving to Gravity Falls
It was sunny day and you were on your way to Gravity Falls by bus. You had had summer school, but it ended earlier that day. Your parents gave a punishment to you for getting in the summer school. The punishment was spending the rest of the summer at your gruncle's in Gravity Falls, Oregon. But what your parents did not know was that you enjoyed your punishment. They thought you were too old for vacations in the middle of nowhere. But 15 is just a number, right? Last summer you spent whole summer in Gravity Falls, but because of the summer school, someone had to replace you and go to Gravity Falls.
Your mother and father sent your little siblings there. Mabel was excited to explore Gravity Falls and make thousands of new friends but Dipper didin't want to go. You had told about your "adventures" to them as bedtime stories. Mabel thouhgt that unicorns and gnomes were so magical and fantastic and as good big
:iconneanavy:neanavy 18 1
Be There for Anything - Dipper Pines x Reader I
Driving through the forest, you let out a yawn as you leaned against the armrest of the chair. Your friend wanted you to come up for the summer and help with her job and to catch up with each other.
“Wendy, where are we going? I’m getting sort of creeped out since I don’t see any buildings around here..”
“Relax, [ f/n ]. The mystery shack is right there. You happy now?”
Looking ahead, you saw an old looking shack, that had the ‘S’ stuck on the ground right next to it. Tilting your head slightly, you looked at the redhead driving as she parked the car. Looking at the shack curiously, you followed your friend to through the door, watching her as she greeted the people inside so naturally. You continued to follow her into the back of the shop, looking around the place as if something might happen.
“[ f/n ], will you chill out? Its not like something’s going to pop out o--”
You let out a scream once you o
:iconcookierocks:cookieROCKS 283 59
Ask 5~ by SindytheNekoWitch Ask 5~ :iconsindythenekowitch:SindytheNekoWitch 4 5
Armin Arlet x Reader - Goodnight Moon
♫ The kind of hope they all talk about, the kind of feelings we sing about… ♫
Whispers were becoming a dull roar all throughout humanities remaining duo of walls about their last but greatest hope – Eren Jaeger. They said that the young 15 year old boy would save them from the clutches of the monsters that many hadn’t even ever seen. They said he would take back their lost territory. They said he would guide them to brighter and safer days. They all talked, and though those close to the boy knew better than to put that kind of weight on his shoulders, they couldn’t help but to feel the warming ray of possibility when they saw the determination that flashed in his eyes.
[Name] brought her legs up to her chest, resting her chin on her knees and tying her thin arms around her shins. The familiar blonde haired boy sat beside her as he turned the page of the book laid in his lap. “Armin,” she spoke gently, immediately grabbing the boy&
:iconthepillarsofcreation:thepillarsofcreation 64 14
Quest[Warriors ABC](70Watchers) by Sparkylovecupcakes Quest[Warriors ABC](70Watchers) :iconsparkylovecupcakes:Sparkylovecupcakes 34 13
True Demons (Reverse!Bill Cipher x Reader): 10
Throughout your life, you had felt the sting of betrayal many times. The first time your mother had set you up on a playdate with a person you didn’t like when you were in kindergarten. All the times when your best friend found something that appeared to be the smidgen bit more important than you. One of the worst had to be the first time you had told somebody a secret and they shared it with everyone. None of those compared to the betrayal you felt at the moment.
Not at Dipper. You had never trusted him to begin with and you expected him to do something like this. No, it was Will who was the root of your feelings. Will who was standing against one of the far walls, looking far more guilty and upset than you had ever seen him.
“I told him to answer any question you had,” Dipper had said simply. “I didn’t know you would ask so many… secretive questions. Things like the zodiac… I don’t even want to hear how you found out about that.”
:iconshadows-within-kk:Shadows-Within-KK 3 0
Armin Arlert x Winry Rockbell by PrincessEmerald7 Armin Arlert x Winry Rockbell :iconprincessemerald7:PrincessEmerald7 8 4
You sweet little brat. (Levi x Kid|Reader)
READ THIS PLEASE. [NOTE]: They are all OOC, especially Erwin. I just can't get their damn attitudes right for this situation. Anyway, Levi is already part of the Scouting Legion here, busy looking after little Reader-Chan! :"3 while the others go look at the titan outside.
It was 6:00 A.M inside the Trost District. Inside the Scouting Legion Head Quarters, Cadets were having breakfast busy chatting away in the cafeteria. On the right table, a brunette boy, a black-haired girl, and blonde boy where busy eating along with a blonde girl, and a red girl. Your mother, [mother's full name], walked down the hallways leaving the other cadets' curious on who that girl is.
Along with [mother's name] or [mother's nickname], lies a young girl named, [Your full name]. She was a sweet little girl who everyone adored. [Mother's nickname] has a close relationship with Commander Erwin, along with her husband, [Father's full name]. [Mother's nickname] strolled down the hallways, until
:iconjaniinesrei:janiinesrei 334 46
7. Stalker! Stalker Alert!
.: Your POV :.
I still couldn't believe I was in Gravity falls, I feels like a dream. I have already met Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Soos, Wendy, and Bill. I wonder if I'll meet the the characters, Hopefully I won't meet Robbie. I was currently laying on my bed in Dipper and Mabel's room, Mabel was play with Waddles and Dipper was reading his Journal, Its been a few days since me and Dipper saw Bill. I could tell that Dipper was trying to keep me safe, Not that I didn't like it but it was getting a bit annoying.
I can't even go outside without him, complaining about him coming with me. Oh well, I think its pretty cute actually, I've never met guy that is overprotective of me. I have guy friends but their not that overprotective, that they have to come with me to everywhere I go. I sigh and sit up from my bed, stretching. Dipper looked at me for a second then looked back at his Journal, Probably to make sure I wasn't getting up to go somewhere.
.:  Authors POV :.  
[Y/N] sat on her b
:iconthatoneweeaboogirl:ThatOneWeeabooGirl 25 3
LOL by JustaPerson0107 LOL :iconjustaperson0107:JustaPerson0107 88 24 Moonfur Fan Stamp by Paige-the-unicorn Moonfur Fan Stamp :iconpaige-the-unicorn:Paige-the-unicorn 19 3
Jean - Eren x Reader (Actor!AU)
 An ear splitting scream escapes my lips, and I quickly tear up the piece of paper, and proceed to burn it. Well, all of it except the note at the end.
 Did you enjoy looking at that? - Jean
 I brush all of the ashes from the burnt paper into my hand, and storm into the lounge.
 "You perverted little shit!" I yell at Jean, and wipe the ashes all over his face.
 "You actually looked at it?" He says through laughter.
 "Well, curiosity killed the cat!" I retort.
 "But satisfaction brought it back?" Jean tries to be smart by finishing the saying.
 "Oh my god, Jean! Not this time!" The horror is loud and clear in my voice. "I don't know what disgusts me more, the fact that you searched then printed that off, or the fact that you actually showed that to me!"
 "Wait, what happened?" Krista asks, shushing Connie.
 "Fanart happened!" I answer angrily.
 "People are shipping you and Jean?" Mikasa questions, confused. I shake my head, eyes clo
:icontheaylanextdoor:TheAylaNextDoor 220 62


sans is cute papyrus is cute frisk is cute soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute this is fun so you should keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

bademoticon: : Yo, Fredds! Freddy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's : (laugh) :bademoticon: : why iz u waughwing wat mwe!? I'...


grabbers out
you get your oc hands if human paws if a thing with paws and hoofs with mlp

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Dippers guide to the unexplained
Dipper:hey everyone and welcome to dippers guide to the unexplained. Today we have a cipher with us.

Birch: Hi.

Dipper: We summand her to defeat bill.Until we saw it was is Girlfriend.

The base is by: :iconaskchloegf:
185 deviations
Silverpelt and burntheart
They are mates with kits coming soon.


ages:20 moons (both)

Any chance of kitting: burntheart is having kits! she has them in her belly.

Base by :iconfire-j:
Worst eeveelution party ever!
blue spikes leafy and the other eeveelutions where having a party to celebrate Sylvie arriving. but a random Pokémon crashed the party. they were at the beach.

base by Paige-the-unicorn 
Ask 1
:iconmaraxythesobiaii:asked if popsicle likes going on vacation or to go to the beach dring the summer or when its hot.
ask the candy cats
Tarty:Me first!!!

crunch bar: i go last

Hershey: Guys! stop with the I go first!

popsicle: choose who you want.
base by mizz_chan and candy cats by candycatgal
scarlet my SNK oc
Hey!! ive been watching Shingeki no Kyojin: attack on titan for a little. so here is my smol cinnamon roll so here i go

Name: Scarlet felt rose.


Height: 163 cm

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